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A Home Theater PC (HTPC) combines the functions of a digital video recorder and a personal computer and is designed to play and store movies.

It is connected to a television or a television-sized computer display and is often used as a digital photo, music, video player, TV receiver and digital video recorder.

htpc home theatre entertainment
A major advantage of a HTPC is being able to copy CDs and DVDs to the hard disk and use the computer
as a jukebox.

With the addition of software, a regular PC can be turned into a HTPC, and its CD/DVD drives provide an
economical alternative to many stand-alone CD/DVD players that might be purchased for a home theater.

The general goal in a HTPC is usually to combine many or all components of a home theater setup into one box.
They can be purchased pre-configured with the required hardware and software needed to add television programming
to the PC. Windows XP Media Center is an HTPC.

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* in Europe HTPC is known as Home Theatre PC